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New to Driving?...what to expect. 
When you first consider driving lessons it can be a daunting prospect with so many driving instructors to choose from. Of course you will want a fully qualified Driving Instructor, this goes without saying, but what else should you consider? Here's a short list... 
You will want to get on with your instructor. You will be spending time together with the ultimate aim of passing your driving test and getting on the road so you will definitely want it to be a positive experience. This is why we offer 2 trial sessions at discounted rates so it takes away the guesswork. 
Expect to make mistakes! We all did when we first started driving and, to be fair, even seasoned drivers make mistakes on the road. Making mistakes is all part of learning and the aim is to eliminate any mistakes so that you pass with flying colours. 
Passing the theory test! This is often the part that a lot of our students worry about but they really shouldn't. A lot of this is common sense but it also includes the rules of the road which everyone has to follow and which ultimately keeps everyone as safe as they can be on the road. 
Ask questions. That's what your driving instructor is there for, to answer questions and enable you to get driving as quickly and safely as possible. 
Above all you should enjoy the experience. Think of your driving lessons as the gateway to freedom and mobility and always be relaxed and positive during your lessons as you will learn more and gain confidence on the road faster. Call us on 07872 462475 for help and advice. 

Winter Driving 

Winter can make driving a little more hazardous but only if you don't take precautions. 
What is the state of your tyres?...They may be road legal but are they on the lower limits. Stopping in wet weather is much easier and safer on tyres with more tread. 
What's the speed limit?...If the weather is bad, and indeed even if it's not, you don't have to drive at the speed limit. Drive at a speed that you are comfortable with and with plenty of stopping space from the car in front of you. Stay safe. 
Icy windscreen?...Clear it completely before driving off. It's actually an offence if you don't but why would you want to drive with only partial visibility of the road anyway? 
Extreme conditions?...Do you really need to make that journey. As a new driver very bad wintery conditions could be quite daunting and often people are advised only to drive if absolutely necessary....good advice. 
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