Finding The Perfect First Car

28th February - Posted in News

Getting your first car is one of the most memorable times of your life. Gaining the independence to go wherever you want and going places with your friends without having to worry about asking your friends or parents for lifts or relying on public transport.

When finding your first car, it can be very stressful and you will just want to buy the first one you see. There is more to buying a car than just insuring it though. There are many things you should be looking out for and these things will vary depending on your budget.

Before buying a car, it’s vital you check various things out. Firstly, make sure you can afford to insure it. With the latest gender ruling rising the price of insurance for girls, it’s now quite expensive to insure a first car, no matter what it is.

Like any used car, looking at the previous ownership and maintenance of the car is vital. Check things like service history, tyre wear and brake wear, and previous MOT’s to see if any changes were advised, as these are the things you’ll need to replace. Most cars will need belts replacing in the engine, usually around the time the car has done 50,000 miles, so check to see if it has been done, if it hasn’t and it breaks whilst you’re driving it will be a very costly repair you’ll have to pay for.

It’s also important to get cars HPI checked. This is basically looking at whether the car has been involved in an incident and then repaired. Take the car for a test drive and make sure it drives okay.

Once you’ve passed your test you are likely to just want to get the first car you see, but not buying a well maintained car will cause you much stress and not to mention cost you a fortune to fix. So when looking for your first car, make sure to take the time to make sure it’s perfect and will be reliable for you. I’d also recommend taking a family member or friend who is mechanically minded to take a look for you.

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